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The definitive automobile manufacturing business simulator.

Visual Entertainment and Technologies LLC

Improving our customer's knowledge for our own personal gain.

Realistic Simulations

We produce realistic niche simulation games that other developers can't or won't touch.

Technical Knowhow

While the game industry shifts towards drag and drop game development via Unity and Unreal, we stick to oldschool methods of actually programming our own games.

Customer Support

We go above and beyond the line of duty to help customers if they have problems!


Do you find tycoon games too simplistic? GearCity is a complex and in-depth business simulator. It focuses on a realistic economic simulation of the global automobile industry. The game takes several hours to grasp and hundreds of hours to master. Can you succeed where many other CEOs have failed?

Vehicle Designing
Factory Management
Dealership Distribution
Stock, Bonds, and Banking Systems
Race Funding Management
Many more features!

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Because the curious mind wants to know.

When were you established?

Serious production of GearCity started in the summer of 2010. Visual Entertainment and Technologies, LLC was formed in 2013 to market and distribute GearCity. In 2021 the company was moved and renamed Visual Entertainment and Technologies LLC.

Who are you?

I'm Eric, lead programmer, designer, press relations manager, community relations manager, 2d artist, writer (poorly), webmaster, IT specialist, bookkeeper, and the owner. I am a college flunky who spent many years working in automotive retail. And even more years working on GearCity. I started VENT because no one else would hire me to do what I enjoy doing (programming).

I also contracted several freelancers for 3d art, music, and translations over the years. The main artist responsible for much of the work was the magnificent Serhiy Pazelskyy.

What are you working on?

GearCity was recently released, so I am focused on tying up any loose ends, launching the Feature Bounty service for GearCity, and starting the production of AeroMogul.

What are your future plans?

With the completion of GearCity, we're splitting our focus three ways. For starters, GearCity will enter a long-term support phase where we'll fix any bugs that arise. I'll also be launching a Development as a Service platform called the Feature Bounty system to crowd-fund additional features and artwork for GearCity. Finally, the development of AeroMogul, our next game, will start very soon. Aeromogul completed pre-production in 2020.

There were plans to make a slimmed-down version of GearCity, called GearCity Motor Mogul. Sadly, I canceled that project because of how long it took to complete GearCity. Most of that game's concepts might be used in a possible board game based on GearCity, as a part of another business venture focused on complex board games.

The future of your niche?

The gaming industry is nearing over-saturation, and it's killing many mid-sized and lower western developers that were very profitable just a few years ago.

As for Hardcore "Spreadsheet" tycoon games, I believe the market has never been bigger, but at the same time, there are more games in this genre than ever before. Reaching the core audience is difficult because they are dispersed across the internet.

We had hoped to help others overcome these obstacles by launching a publishing arm focused on realistic business simulation games. But the current market conditions are making it rather difficult to consider this a viable strategy.

We'll use our major product as a testbed for our ability to leverage our assets and fan base and make plans for the future based on that.

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